We make software to fit the unique contours of your business

No existing software package can fit the contours of your business. You don't have to conform. We are a team of rock star developers who write custom software from the ground up.

Here are some things we love to build...

  • dashboard to operate your company from
  • content management system (CMS)
  • two-way interaction with mobiles, incl. texting
  • beautiful code base for software that's entirely yours

You will not be required to 'update' to keep your software safe from spammers and bots. Our hand-written code is more elegant and efficient each project we deliver.

While we tend to work remotely, we've been known to travel for projects of particular interest. Get in touch for an inside look at the work we've been doing lately.


What I'm thankful for is your perseverance with me, and making GoldBay finally a world-class entity. I truly am proud of this web site, for the 1st time in 7 yrs, and we aren't done yet.

— Dave Varabioff,  GoldBay