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  • a custom built dashboard to manage your company from
  • point-and-click interfaces to streamline internal operations
  • a powerful booster website to promote your services
  • a development team standing at the ready
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" What I'm thankful for is your perseverance with me, and making GoldBay finally a world-class entity. I truly am proud of this web site, for the 1st time in 7 yrs, and we aren't done yet. " — Dave Varabioff,  GoldBay

Here are some things we've built:

KFC AddHope

We built the online platform for KFC's campaign to combat child hunger in South Africa. +R63m raised and over 100,000 meals delivered daily.

Scientific American

Peer-reviewed journal with 140 year old parent company (Nature Publishing Group) needs a respectable online home? Challenge accepted.

Demartini Events

Dr John Demartini has a relentless schedule. He jet sets around the world giving life changing seminars to sold out crowds. We built him a custom Events platform and trebled his online bookings.

Demartini Courses

Instead of squeezing the client into existing software, we custom built an Online Learning platform. Fully integrated with Demartini Events for a seamless admin experience.

Newtons Fire & Safety

How do you get top-notch fire safety equipment where it needs to be in advance? Build a website that is a pleasure to use and make it effortless to order.


Construction project management software is notoriously complex and expensive. We worked closely with experts in the field to develop a modern cloud based solution. They love it.

What will we build for you?